Fashion becomes a symbol of LIFESTYLE.
11-12-2017 05:38:52 pm

Now the world is most conscious of the Fashion instead of any other thing BECAUSE everyone wants to have an enough good LIFESTYLE. It becomes a symbol of LIFESTYLE.

Fashion is getting become a well-known and popular style or practice in the world, especially in MAKEUP, FOOTWEAR, Clothing, ACCESSORIES or about body Fitness. Fashion is a changeless Trend in style in which a person properly Dresses. It is dominating behavior & newest insertions of textile Fabric Designers because the more technical term “Dress Up” is regularly linked with the term "Fashion".  The use of the former has been passed on to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while "fashion" generally means Dress Up with Clothing and Accessories.

Fashion is a part of our daily lives whether we accept it or not. It is one of the biggest ever-growing industries in the world with new fashion career opportunities and many schools and students are taking notice. New York City, which is known as the FASHION CENTER OF AMERICA is flourishing and extending the fashion industry to other parts of the US country. Celebrities and media messages are expressing fashion to everyone on a regular basis. Fashion has become clearly a subject of study that can influence a generation. Fashion is not just a limited interest but also a real indicator of where a culture is going. Like theater, film, art, or music, it has now become one of the cultural Factors that give us a sense of what is going on in our country or society.

Fashion Become an evolving Cultural Development in the USA

As per Harvard magazine, the early 20th Century Garment and Fashion Industries were focused on the local urbanite culture of New York City—really, a certain stretch of Manhattan. In 1913, as per an idea, UNDERGARMENT SHOPS in New York City were about two-thirds of the $70 to $80 million value of all undergarment production in the United States. New York City still remained the Center of American Undergarment Production throughout the 1950s and is also still the fashion center of the US today. In 1939th, Beauty & Fashion magazines entered America’s homes. Glamour magazine printed their first issue, defining glamour as "a quality each of us sees in some other human and wishes she possessed. The editors ensure the readers that all women possess "potential glamour," which can be attained with the help of the right Accessories, Hairstyle, Cosmetics, Behavior and of course Clothing. The most recent patterns and styles from Europe were shown in the magazine, creating a niche for the American market by mainstreaming Cosmetics and Accessories that offered allure, sophistication, and youthfulness to women everywhere.

“If the woman will be given by the right Accessories then she could be able to conquer the world.”

With the growing ease of Travel and Communication and the wider dissemination of Newspapers and Magazines, Fashion Trends spread much more broadly and rapidly. Now the Internet and social media have exponentially sped up and broadened the diffusion of fashion Trends. Fashion schools are offering many degrees for students to pursue an exciting degree in fashion.

Fashion Shows in New York USA:

Following are the major Fashion weeks that occur in New York, London, Milan, and Paris in that order.

  • Pre-Fall Collections Show (Held in January)
  • Fall/Winter Collections Show (Held in February/March)
  • Resort Collections Show (Held in May)
  • Couture Collections Show (Held in July)
  • Spring/Summer Collections Show (Held in September/October)

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